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With each and everyone of our exclusive showcases there is a selection process that athletes must go through so that the best talent is available for coaches and scouts to evaluate. Our goal is to make sure that the money spent on a BSN Showcase is worth every participant’s time and experience. Learn more about the 2015 BSN Showcase here…

‘Next Level’ Opportunities

We take pride in the marketing and promotion we do for the athletes that participate in our events. Since the very first event we ran in 2010, we have promote the athletes to every professional football league in North America. We are excited to be expanding this to the collegiate level with the launch of the BSN High School Showcase in 2015.

2015 BSN National Scouting Combine Highlights

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1 on 1 with BSN 1st Team All-American Rustin Mayorga

This past month I was able to meet former Concord center Rustin Mayorga at the 2015 BSN National Scouting Combine. He made quite an impression on me, coming off as […]


BSN Interview: Villanova WR/RS Poppy Livers

The NFL is littered with players that were considered “too ____ to make it”. In the case of Villanova WR/Return Specialist Lawrence “Poppy” Livers, it’s “too small”. But Livers hasn’t […]

NCAA Football: Temple at Maryland

National Scouting Combine Spotlight: Maurice Jones

Quick Stats Name: Maurice Jones College:Temple University Years:2009-12 Major: Criminal Justice Any Pro Experience: Chicago Bears 2013, Erie Explosion 2014 Highlight film link: About Maurice 1. What was the […]

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What They say about the National Scouting Combine

“While the NCAA mantra is that most of us are going pro in something other than sports and that is absolutely true, it’s also true that there are many opportunities for Division III graduates to continue competing after their college days are over. So while we hope to bring these people and their stories to the general public, I’m hopeful that BSN can take these young men (and hopefully women soon) and help them find their way to great playing and educational opportunities overseas and here in the USA. There are so many professional leagues and the ones in Europe and elsewhere overseas, especially, really fall in line with the concept of the well-rounded student-athlete that Division III is known for.”

Pat Coleman

This is breakthrough technology for amateur, professional players and coaches alike” said Ken Valdiserri, former President/GM of the Chicago Rush. “We used this forum to resource players for the Chicago Rush. With social networking being such a viable way to connect people to people and people to organizations, BSN is clearly on to something revolutionary here as this will only further augment the scouting process and become a user friendly tool for anyone in the professional football business.

Ken Valdiserri

Sports Consultant | Former GM

“I was lucky enough to have played on the same team as Jimmy. I had come to know Jimmy quite well and think very highly of him. He was a leader and a friend. Jimmy has a professional demeanor and is always willing to help out in any way possible. Jimmy has a great work ethic and strives to achieve at a high level, whether on the field or off. He possesses the qualities that are prevalent in all successful people. There truly aren’t enough Jimmy Kibbles in the world today. I am extremely excited about his new venture; Beyond Sports Network.”

Chad Clark


“Beyond Sports Network is a great avenue for me to promote my bio and film, contact with coaches and agents, and talk with other players. The more people who see my film and the more solid relationships I create, the greater my chances of making it to the next level.”“The facts are hard to handle but true: It is a small percentage of athletes who make it from DI schools to the NFL, and an even smaller chance a DIII athlete will sign with a team. I think in the past few years, about 2-5 DIII athletes sign with an NFL team, per year. For these facts alone, Beyond Sports is a necessary tool for every DI, DII, and especially DIII athlete if they want to have a shot at making it to the pros. I highly recommend it!”

“Jimmy has created a great platform with Beyond Sports Network. I used his network when I was trying to move up to the next level- from collegiate to professional football. He provides the best site online that helps athletes promote their talents and connect with the scouts, agents, and coaches who can help them achieve their goals by becoming a professional athlete.”

Lewis Howes | Player

Jimmy shares a passion for people and football and is a tireless worker. He continues to impress with his never ending energy to be bring the best network to athletes and coaches supporting those that are motivated to advance. I would highly recommend Jimmy Kibble and Beyond Sports Network (BSN) to athletes and coaches for his honesty, work ethic and in giving us a product tailored for us in a very competitive industry.

Dan Lamagna


Jimmy Kibble is a visionary. He always comes up with creative ideas and then follows through on creating great products based on those concepts. He is trusted by many in the business of sports.

Darren Heitner

I feel that BSN provides a unique service within the football community. When you look at a player like my son from a D3 school you wonder whether he could aspire to the next level if he is good enough. You hear the mantra “if he is good enough they will find him”. Well, BSN provides these men from the smaller schools to be found if they want to be found. The format of the site, based around social networking, allows the player to be a part of the process in a familiar setting. The advice available, recognition through the All-American teams, and the process that culminates in a weekend event in which the finest of these players can showcase their skills, proves to me that BSN has been, is and will be a great resource for my son Trey (Otterbein University) to maximize his opportunities to accomplish his dream to play professional football. Thank you Jimmy and Dan for your mission to provide this format.

Jerry Fairchild


“I definitely support this site. When I came home from canada I had a fallout with my previous agent. So I was looking to get my name back out there when I found this site. Soon after I got in touch with the barnstormers and the rest is history. You guys do a great job of letting the athletes build there profile add there highlight tapes view other member files and its absolutely free. It looks like you even got high school kids logging on. In the long run I definitely think beyond sports is gonna be one of the best networking sites to help athletes get the attention they deserve. Im glad I found this site. I hope a lot of athletes feel the same way.”

Brian Pray


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